Cedar Lake’s Mission
“Our Mission: We expect to be changed by following Christ and sharing the love of God with our community, our world, and each other.”

Our Vision
Our Vision: (To be) a growing, vibrant, visible, faith-grounded, intergenerational congregation committed to spiritual growth, service and community.

Guiding Principles
We value following Christ, therefore we will:

  • Seek spiritual growth
  • Love even when it hurts
  • Lead by example
  • Educate one another biblically and spiritually
  • Wash one another’s feet

We value using our God-given gifts, therefore we will:

  • Make an effort to identify gifts
  • Provide opportunities to explore gifts
  • Encourage people to use their gifts
  • Be sensitive to change in people’s circumstances, avoiding “burnout”

We value dedication, therefore we will:

  • Step up and do our part
  • Embrace Brethren principles
  • Hold each other accountable
  • Follow through on commitments made

We value nurturing each other, therefore we will:

  • Provide a caring opportunity for sharing joys and concerns
  • Be a caregiver to each other
  • Learn to nurture and care for ourselves

We value and respect difference, therefore we will:

  • Listen to each other
  • Encourage differences to be expressed
  • Agree to disagree and still value each other in Christian love

We value being intentional, therefore we will:

  • Evaluate in a timely manner
  • Commit to being open to change
  • Act according to planning process outcomes

We value caring, therefore we will:

  • Be sensitive to the needs of others
  • Acknowledge life’s milestones
  • Listen to each others’ need for support
  • Actively include others (reach out), especially new people

We value being service-oriented, therefore we will:

  • Find a role for everyone
  • Identify and link people with their spiritual gifts and interests
  • Anticipate needs of others/community/world
  • Identify and volunteer our own services
  • Maintain connections with CROP and Habitat
  • Support ongoing missions = “dig more wells”

We value being adaptable, therefore we will:

  • Expect change
  • Be open minded in our thinking and planning
  • Be willing to take risks
  • Not be stuck in the same old way

We value being creative, therefore we will:

  • Provide a space for creative arts in our area
  • Explore different styles of worship
  • Encourage creative ideas, activities, and “thinking outside the box”
  • Explore the hymnal
  • Be open to religious expression from the other cultures
  • Use more drama in worship

Vision Priorities

  • We are focused and intentional about our spiritual growth
  • We link with other churches and agencies that have missions compatible to ours
  • We are growing and are intergenerational
  • We are collectively intentional about our visibility including our building and programs
  • Our facilities are used to their full potential
  • We continue to improve the effectiveness of our organization